Our Approach

Partner with Management

NorthRock's team has learned through experience that returns are maximized when we partner with highly qualified and motivated management and work together to achieve common goals for the business. Significant time is spent with management before an investment is made collaborating on a Value Creation Plan. We align our economic interests very closely by offering management the opportunity to purchase and earn a significant equity stake and receive other performance based compensation linked to execution of the Value Creation Plan.

Focused Support

NorthRock's team of experienced business builders and operators will work with a limited number of management teams to provide focused support at the Board level in areas such as strategic planning, financing policy, acquisition analysis and execution, capital raising, management recruiting, compensation policy and board governance. We are not involved in the day-to-day operations, and provide management with the autonomy required to run their business successfully.

Collaborative, Trust-Based Relationships

We believe trust-based relationships with management lead to better collaboration and, ultimately, increased value creation. At NorthRock, we seek to build trust through open and honest communication, respect, fairness and by doing what we say we will do.

Long-Term Investment Horizon

NorthRock has a long-term investment horizon and no predetermined exit requirements. Decisions regarding the optimal time to exit are made in collaboration with management with a long-term but opportunistic view towards maximizing value.

Structure Investments Appropriately

NorthRock has the flexibility to structure its investments in forms ranging from equity to debt to best suit the specific company attributes and needs, taking into consideration factors such as the capital requirements of the Value Creation Plan, tax position, and industry dynamics. We will work with management to determine the appropriate capital structure for the long-term health of the company.

  • "The balance between understanding, interacting with management and creating external business opportunities through their sphere of contacts was what made working with the founder of NorthRock a special and rewarding experience. I am looking for new opportunities to work with NorthRock."
    • Mike Kedar
      • President and CEO of Mobilexchange and founder of Call-Net, Microcell and TeleBermuda

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