Investment Profile

NorthRock invests in companies that have several of the following characteristics:

  • Proven, high integrity management teams willing to make a significant personal financial commitment
  • Demonstrated historical growth and continued strong growth prospects
  • Sustainable competitive advantage and strategic positioning which provides some protection from profit-eroding competition
  • Diversified customer base without significant concentration
  • Ability to generate high returns on invested capital
  • Limited technological or product obsolescence risk

The types of situations where we invest include financing growth, management buyouts, succession, recapitalizations and divestitures of non-core businesses.

Our focus is to invest in Canadian companies with a concentration of investments in Ontario. Investments will be made across a broad range of industries that have attractive fundamentals, opportunities for consolidation or are undergoing favourable structural change. Investments in real estate, mining and exploration, or industries subject to rapid technological change, high product obsolescence or short product lifecycles will not be pursued.

  • "Natalie Townsend, NorthRock's founder, was a firm believer in our company from day one. Her commitment, dedication and support helped provide the foundation for the growth and maturation of our business. Natalie's understanding, integrity and experience was vital in the success of our company. My recommendation comes without reservation or hesitation."
    • Robert Ezer
      • CEO, Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT

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